Masked Forces – Online Save

Masked Forces – Online Save

3D Action & Adventure Army Multiplayer Shooting Survival WebGL Cristina Nova 0

This version of Masked Forces has GameArter account that allows players to save and load their progress.

Sneak behind enemy lines and try to survive! Masked Forces features harrowing single-player campaigns
of various difficulty based on your progress throughout the game.
Level-up your account in campaign playing against great AI, or head into multiplayer battles against other players, and fight for victory and experience points boosts. Log-in daily to increase your experience gains even more! As you level up your account, you get more and more options when it comes to choice of the weapon and armors. Online PvP is a great place to get all at once: entertainment, shooting action, experience, and money! Kill your opponents, and collect bounties for their heads. Face them on one of the five available maps in three game modes: free for all, teams, and doomsday. Do not miss this next-gen 3D FPS game made by developer Freeze Nova. Have fun.

• Online save
• Multiplayer version
• Level-up system
• Multiple maps and game modes

• WASD keys to move
• Left click to shoot / Right click to aim
• R to reload
• Mouse wheel to cycle through weapons

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